Individual Coaching

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

In the individual coaching sessions, a coach and a client collaborate and work as a team to find causes of the blocks that prevent a client from moving forward in life with confidence and with clear goal-path.

A coach will support and positively challenge the client to think outside their usual thinking patters and beliefs that drive unwanted behaviors.

Coaching is a series of conversations and questions that inspire shift in perspective and self-awareness, which consequently alters actions, choices and wellbeing. You will learn how to:

People come for coaching because they want to achieve results. However, while pursuing goals in coaching you transform your mindset and emotional state for life and become a better version of yourself. It is the journey not the destination that creates the life you are seeking...

How Big Is Your Goal?

If You Answer YES to All Questions Then You Are Ready for Coaching!

Do you want to turn your wishes into goals?
Are you open to doing work on yourself?
Is mental & physical wellbeing important to you?
Do you want to be in charge of your life?
Do you like progress in your life & career?
Are you tired of being stuck with same problems?
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6 Sessions

Brief coaching for short-term goals
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12 Sessions

Change your habits in 12 weeks
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18 Sessions

Commit to personal growth & transformation
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24 Sessions

Go for big goals & successes

Flexible Delivery

In Person



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